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      5 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Grills in Parks

      5 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Grills in Parks

      When the first public parks were designed back in the 1600s, their purpose was to give city dwellers a respite from their urban life. Their natural outdoor settings provided the perfect place to enjoy leisure and recreational activities. Today, parks are still popular spots for people to gather, play and unwind around nature. Of the nearly 25,000 city parks in the United States, many have incorporated a variety of amenities to attract visitors and encourage exercise and social interaction.

      Outdoor grills are one of those draws. Convenient and practical, outdoor charcoal grills are popular amenities visitors look for at parks. They’re a great investment for park administrators because they don’t cost a lot, don’t take up much space, and require little maintenance. But the advantages of installing commercial charcoal grills at your park don’t stop there. Here are five benefits park grills provide that you may not have considered:

      Benefit #1: Grills open up your venue for more outdoor events and gatherings

      Commercial Group Grill

      Want a surefire way to attract large gatherings? Add a few party-sized commercial grills to your picnic areas and pavilions. In the summertime, folks don’t want to be cooped up indoors to celebrate a special occasion or hold a company event. Large grills with multiple fireboxes let groups cook different types of food at the same time without overlapping. Our Triple Bay Group BBQ Park Grill offers three fireboxes and more than 8 feet of cooking space for bigger crowds. For added convenience, the plated steel pedestal swivels 360 degrees and its height can be adjusted for the user. From sports teams and family reunions to club outings and work functions, outdoor grills will make your park a popular and accommodating venue for more group gatherings. 

      Benefit #2: Grills drive more park traffic and repeat visits

      Commercial Hot Ash Receptacle

      Your park’s natural beauty may draw people to your location but it’s your amenities that keep them there. Parkgoers want accommodations like benches, picnic tables, shade structures, play equipment, pet waste stations, trash receptacles, and outdoor grills to make their visit more enjoyable. The more amenities you provide means the fewer supplies visitors need to bring – and take back with them. Consider adding a Concrete Hot Ash and Coal Receptacle near your outdoor grill to provide a safe and convenient place for grillers to dump their charcoal ashes. This 35-inch-high receptacle features a funnel top with a built-in grate cover and is clearly marked to warn parkgoers of its hot contents. These park “extras” not only serve visitors, they also ensure your park area stays clean and protected from potential fire hazards.

      Benefit #3: Grills offer more convenience for parkgoers

      Commercial Grill for Parks

      Planning a park outing usually includes making a long checklist of items to bring like food, condiments, serving ware, grilling tools, charcoal, beverages, and so on. Having a grill already stationed in your park means there’s one less thing they need to bring. The Flip Grate Park Grill is an ideal grill to supply parkgoers because, in addition to providing 300 square inches of cooking space, it also has a four-position adjustable grate that flips back for easy charcoal loading and fire starting. Add the optional utility shelf that bolts to the grill or purchase a separate Utility Table as a companion piece to give grillers a handy spot to put their tools and condiments while cooking. 

      Benefit #4: Charcoal grills bring out the flavor in guest food

      Covered Park Grill

      Unlike gas, charcoal produces aromatic compounds and smoke that together create an enhanced flavor in foods, especially steaks, and poultry. That’s why many traditional grillers prefer grilling with charcoal versus gas. To really seal in the smokey flavor for your guests, choose our Covered Barbecue Grill which includes adjustable vents to contain the smoke, a utility shelf, and a base attachment that rotates 360 degrees. This commercial grill is constructed of durable welded steel with an enamel-coated steel cooktop and offers 320 square inches of cooking space. With this grill’s generous grilling space, utility shelf, weather-resistant “flavor-sealing” cover, and optional warming basket, it’s a Park Tables customer favorite!

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      Benefit #5: Grills help put your park on the map

      When you outfit your picnic areas and pavilions with an assortment of commercial grills, people will start to talk. Cater to all your park guests by providing single-service grills for small gatherings and oversized grills for larger parties. Then, level up their grill experience by including handy park grill accessories like utility shelves and tables, ash shovels, vinyl grill covers, and hot coal bins. In today’s world, where people love to share their experiences on social media and write online reviews, your grill-friendly park will garner instant attention and popularity. People love to call out the amenities and feature a venue has to offer and will happily share that your park is a “griller’s delight.”

      So there you have it. If you want to attract more visitors and create an ideal gathering place for small parties and large events, furnish your outdoor space with commercial park grills. At Park Tables, we have different styles and configurations to accommodate your space and parkgoers. Our inground- and surface-mount park grills are sturdy, theft-resistant, warrantied, and proudly made in the USA! Let us help you find the right commercial grills for your park – call us at 866-330-2388 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable Park Tables experts will guide you.

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