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Park Tables is here to help prevent litter and poor waste disposal with our wide range of commercial trash receptacles and recycling bins to accommodate every need. Our assortment of waste receptacles meets all commercial waste management requirements and comes in a variety of aesthetic designs. These broad styles will keep a park clean and businesses clear of unsightly debris while also increasing curb appeal. Park Tables has thermoplastic trash receptacles, wood trash bins, concrete waste containers, fiberglass paneled trash cans, recycled plastic rubbish bins, and heavy duty plastic disposal units. Many businesses, schools, restaurants, municipalities, campgrounds, and parks choose Park Tables for their recycling and trash disposal bin needs. Browse our low maintenance and economical trash can options that fit into any budget. For assistance call our offices and a knowledgeable staff member will be happy to help you pick out the best commercial trash receptacles and recycling bins for your location.


Best Places To Install Outdoor Commercial Trash Receptacles

Walking trails, parks, community centers, picnic areas, and playgrounds benefit from having waste receptacles that are easy to distinguish from the natural surroundings. Consider contrasting vibrant colors offered by thermoplastic-coated steel trash bins or hardy weather resistant recycled plastic trash receptacles. Our cigarette combination trash receptacles are ideal for many businesses, office spaces, and shopping malls to keep unsightly cigarette butts off the ground. Hotels, resorts, pool houses, and wellness centers may appreciate the look of fiberglass and plastic receptacles. Don't forget recycling receptacles to make your park clean and "green"!

Commercial Trash Receptacles By Park Tables

Steel Trash Receptacles
These Steel Trash Receptacles are often powder coated and are popular with many businesses, municipalities, and schools.

Plastic Trash Receptacles
Plastic trash cans are the best value and provide solutions for unique needs such as bug or vermin deterrents for campsites and hiking trails. Some plastic trash receptacles are outfitted with fiberglass panels to make them both decorative and functional trash cans often used at hospitality facilities such as resorts, pool houses, and spas.

Wood Trash Receptacles
Wood commercial trash receptacles add a natural element to a space and are ideal for outdoor dining, public gardens, and campgrounds. These trash cans usually come in pest-resistant southern yellow pine, white oak, or mahogany.

Recycled Plastic Trash Receptacles
Made with post-consumer plastics that won't splinter or rot, recycled plastic receptacles are a "green" solution to waste management. Additionally, they make great recycling bins as well.

Concrete Trash Receptacles
Heavy concrete receptacles are a permanent waste solution that is vandal-resistant and tough. Great for urban locations, shopping malls, and city parks.

Recycling Receptacles
Recycling Receptacles sort collected paper, aluminum cans, glass, and plastic bottles for easier processing. Most recycling bins come in eye-catching "Recycle" blue and include recycling decals to prevent unacceptable trash deposits.

Cigarette And Ash Trash Receptacles
Keep cigarette butts, ash, and garbage off property grounds for a clean and litter-free environment with these combination commercial trash receptacles. Great for office buildings, shopping malls, and high-traffic areas.

Why Invest In Trash Receptacles?

For many businesses, the main benefit of trash receptacles is the prevention of littering and trash build-up. Even the smallest waste such as a cigarette butt can turn a patron off from returning to a park, business, university, or municipality. Recycling receptacles help presort trash and reduce the frequency of trash pickup. Having a variety of waste receptacles in multiple locations helps keep a business or park clean. At Park Tables, we offer a wide array of different types, colors, and styles of trash and recycling receptacles to meet the demands of any location.

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