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      6 Ft. Classic Wingline Bones Design Dog Park Bench


      6 Ft. Classic Wingline Paws Design Dog Park Bench


      6 Ft. UltraLeisure Bones Design Dog Park Bench


      6 Ft. UltraLeisure Paws Design Dog Park Bench


      Dog Park 46" Square Bone Table - Punched Steel


      Dog Park Leash Post - Powder Coated


      Dog Park Round Stepping Paw


      Dog Park Square Paw Table - Powder Coated


      Dog Walk Dog Park Exercise Equipment


      Pet Drinking Water Fountain Dog Park Equipment


      Teeter Totter Dog Park Exercise Equipment

      Dog park equipment is an important consideration for any community destination. From dog parks to public community parks, if at least one dog is allowed then waste management should cross your mind. Even places like retirement communities, apartment complexes, and popular dog walking trails need places to throw away pet waste. Park Tables offers an array of waste stations, trash cans, and all-in-one pet waste stations. Additionally, we carry dog park equipment such as pet wash stations, complete agility course equipment, and other dog park amenities to accommodate the needs of dog owners and their companions. From dog park benches to doggy tunnels, all our dog playground equipment is commercial grade with slip resistant grip to ensure pup safety as they play and socialize. If you need assistance, our office staff will help you build the perfect pet-friendly outdoor space.

      Everything You Need to Build a Dog Playground

      Dog playground equipment is vital to maintaining good physical condition for dogs that normally live sedentary lives at home. Especially important to pet parents who live in small houses or apartments, dog parks allow them to exercise their furry companions. Additionally, dog parks create a safe space for dogs to run off leash and develop social bonds with other dogs and people. For aspiring sporting dogs, agility courses at the local dog park help build strength, endurance, and muscles needed for competing. Along with providing a space for new dogs to learn the ropes before they step paw on the field. Having a variety of dog park equipment ensures there is something for every dog to enjoy and every pet parent to appreciate. From playtime to clean-up, Park Tables has got your tail covered!

      Dog Play Equipment  

      Park Tables offers a variety of dog park amenities such as hoops, tunnels, hurdles, and ramps to create the complete agility package. Made with commercial-grade steel, HDPE, and recycled plastics for durability to keep up with the biggest, most energetic of pooches. All surfaces are coated with slip resistant grip finish or grip padding to protect paws and provide extra traction. Our hurdles and hoops feature multiple tiers to accommodate different sizes, skills, and ages.

      Pet Waste Stations 

      We have everything you need for waste pick up so you don't have to worry about it. Never leave a dispenser empty with bulk boxes of replacement waste bags. Spice up the dog park with fun laser-cut trash cans or get the all-in-one waste station which includes poop bags, pick-up instructions, and a dispenser mounted on a waste receptacle.

      Dog Park Accessories

      Dog parks are more than just play equipment and trash cans. Dog owners will enjoy a place to sit with dog park benches or quench a thirst at the water fountain. Other dog park equipment such as pet wash stations, replacement parts, additional dispensers, signs, and leash holders are also found here.

      Make your off leash areas or dog parks the hottest community destination in town with commercial dog park equipment from Park Tables. We bring pets and pet owners together with wagging tails!

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