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    0 Dog Parks: 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Parks

    Every dog has its day. And with more owners taking their beloved canine companion to their local dog park, that day can be once a week or more! Dog Park has been growing in popularity since 2011 with over a 30% increase within the US. This rise has intrigued many communities in possibly starting up one of these pet-friendly amenities for their residential pet parents to enjoy. Questions often arise whenever Dog Parks are discussed. Here are 5 frequently asked questions regarding dog parks:

    5 Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Parks


    0 Different Commercial Trash Receptacles Lids and their Uses

    When you're in charge of deciding which kind of commercial trash can lid is best for your business location, you're likely keeping in mind aesthetic features such as size, color, the overall shape and how well the receptacle will blend into its environment. These are important things to think about, but it's also critical to ensure that the industrial garbage can lid you're selecting can hold up to the rigorous demands of daily use.

    All commercial trash receptacles ostensibly serve the same function: To collect garbage. However, different patterns of the foot and vehicle traffic should be considered when choosing a lid.

    If the garbage can is for outdoor use, its lid must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as gusty winds, snow, and ice or constant, penetrating sunlight. Lids that are too complicated to use or that look dirty are unappealing and discourage individuals from using them at all, which can increase littering habits. That's why it's so important to select the right type of lid to guide the public into using the trash receptacle the way you want them to use it.

    0 Buddy Benches: Build Friendship and Foster Interaction at Schools

    Buddy benches are a great way to foster more positive interactions at schools. And with research indicating a growing issue of loneliness and isolation in children, these benches do more than look cute on playgrounds. They're a simple, practical tool in the fight against issues as big as child loneliness, social anxieties, or environmental changes like school transfers.

    Buddy Bench for Schools

    What Are Buddy Benches?

    What are Buddy Benches

    Buddy benches for schools are outdoor seating furniture designed with a specific intent. These pl...

    0 Curing Your New Commercial Park Grill

    At Park Tables, our Commercial Grade Park BBQ Grills are made to last! Most of our grills will rarely need replacing and will serve thousands of families and friends over its long life. An important first step to ensure this longevity is to prepare the park grill in a process often called “curing”.  Before taking out the hot dogs and hamburgers, the grill needs to go through this curing process to prevent any manufactured materials from contaminating your food. By following these simple steps, you will successfully break-in your new grill for many safe and tasty future barbecues!

    4 Choosing the Right ADA-Compliant Picnic Table

    If you’re designing a public outdoor space or recreational area, this means you should be aware of the specific requirements for ADA compliance as it pertains to your park and picnic space. Many tables can be sold as “wheelchair accessible,” but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are also ADA compliant. In case of an audit, there are a few important distinctions to be aware of when choosing your outdoor picnic tables.


    0 Happy 100th Birthday to the National Park Service!

    Park Tables is celebrating the 100-year birthday of the National Park Service this August 25th! We are a proud member of the NRPA and have served many national, city, and state parks across the country. As a leading supplier of outdoor furniture to the parks and recreation industry, our mission is to provide excellent service to our local, state, and national parks. We have supplied outdoor site amenities such as picnic tables, benches, grills, and trash cans for parks of all sizes. We are proud...

    3 Thermoplastic Vs. Plastisol

    Thermoplastic and plastisol are two types of plastic coated steel outdoor furniture that creates the standard for commercial quality. Thermoplastic and plastisol site amenities include picnic tables, benches, and trash cans. Thermoplastic site amenities are popular as they are commercial quality built to last.

    Thermoplastic Coating

    Thermoplastic outdoor furniture is placed in a liquidized vat where the product is heated, dipped, and baked. The textured matte thermoplastic coating hides scratches and marks by pro...

    0 Outdoor Furniture and Amenities To Consider When Developing a Park

    Park Tables has many site amenities that are essential to opening a park. If you are in charge of ordering furniture for a park, you probably have guidelines on what you can order for the project. We have some suggestions for creating a park that will be successful and enjoyable for visitors.