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      Concrete Hot Ash and Coal Receptacle


      Vinyl Grill Cover for Pedestal Grills

      Commercial Outdoor Park Grills and Firepits

      Charcoal grills are the centerpiece of a campground or RV site and can be found in virtually all public picnic areas and state parks across the country. Outdoor cooking on a charcoal grill or firepit is a popular way to get outside and socialize over a hot meal with friends and family. From hotdogs and burgers to fresh grilled fruit and veggie kabobs, everyone loves a good barbecue. At Park Tables, we provide quality outdoor grills for parks including charcoal grills, firepits, and campfire rings in a number of sizes and styles to meet any location's demands. Including large group grills! All cooking grates from single service cooking grate to party-sized cooking grate are coated in a black enamel finish that is food safe. Our charcoal grills and firepits are available as inground mounts but we offer tilt back mounting for our campfire pits and portable castor bases for select pedestal grills. Don't forget the accessories! Keep wooden picnic tables scorch free with a hot plate mount and dispose of hot coals and ash properly with a park grill waste receptacle. Whether a day at the park, an apartment complex party or a group event at a national park, we have the perfect charcoal grill for your needs. Explore our selection of pedestal grills, large group grills, ADA grills, and more. For over 50 years our commercial park grill and firepit selection have served the public in various settings throughout the United States. Park Tables sells single pedestal grills and firepits featuring non removable grills to prevent vandalism and theft so barbecues remain functional for picnic gatherings.

      Benefits Of Installing Charcoal Grills At Your Location

      Charcoal grills and wood burning grills are ideal for parks, campgrounds, sporting arenas, RV camps, fishing spots, and public picnic areas all over the globe. Outdoor grills are easy to maintain and require no gas or propane for an environmentally safe dining solution. A park grill can burn charcoal or wood chips which include smoked cedar chips that add rich and savory flavors to a picnic Barbecue. Our park grills are made with industrial galvanized steel and black enamel coating to prevent rust, corrosion, and mildew. Our grills meet all standards and are resistant to harsh weather elements ensuring year round use for decades to come. When not in use the cooking grates are simple to clean and can usually be lifted or flipped to clean the cooking box. Covered grills and grill covers provide extra protection to the cooking grates of our pedestal style park grill. Wood chips or charcoal grill waste can be easily disposed of in an ash receptacle which isn't as harmful to the environment as gas waste. Also, a charcoal grill doesn't have the risks that come with such as gas leaks or explosions.

      Benefits Of Installing Firepits At Your Location

      Fire pits are a must-have for campsites and offer more than a charcoal grill can when it comes to a pleasant camping experience. In addition to cooking great meals, firepits provide warmth in the winter and fall while also acting as a light source for camp. No stumbling to find the bathroom or dropped marshmallow skewer. Arguably the best thing about camping is roasting marshmallows in the firepit for s'mores or just to enjoy plain and toasty. Our enamel coated rings ensure the flames stay safely contained to reduce wildfires. Of course, always practice good fire management and extinguish flames when leaving the camp or going to bed. Many of our designs feature tilt back anchoring for easy cleaning or spade anchoring to ensure permanence.

      Outdoor Park Grills And Firepits Enhance Family Gatherings and Social Events

      Camping is a terrific past time for many people and we at Park Tables believe one of the best things about camping is outdoor cooking and sitting by a warm fire. Kids and Adults alike love roasting marshmallows over the fire, whether to eat or put into s'mores. Enjoy hot dogs and burgers roasted on the firepit cooking grate for a delicious outdoor barbeque in the summer. or simply fill up the firepit with logs for a cozy gathering with loved ones on a cool winter evening around the crackling fire. Whatever the season, a park grill and firepit will make camping the most memorable.

      Parks are a great place for social gatherings such as anniversaries, birthdays, company parties, and similar. These social get togethers can get big so it is important to have several charcoal grills or even an extra large, party-sized one for cooking. Our triple bay group charcoal grill would be perfect for large gatherings as it holds twice the amount a standard sized grill does and with three cooking chambers, everyone can get what they want at the same time. Veggie kabobs on one side, burgers in the middle, and chicken on the other! Your park or campground will be the top choice to pick with these large group grills. We offer inground and surface mounted pedestal grills. You can even make them portable with a caster base found in our accessories. Don't forget the hot coal and ash bin for keeping your park or campground clean!

      Cleaning and Caring for Charcoal Grills and Firepits

      Our park grills and fire rings are built to last years thanks to heavy gauge steel construction with high heat black enamel finish but they still need regular maintenance to ensure the best durability. Routine cleaning will not only keep grills in their top condition but will also look more appealing to campers, hikers, and picnickers. No one wants to cook on a dirty grate or have to empty an ash box before they even start. Fortunately, cleaning is easy. Remove the ash between every use. Park Tables as several ash receptacles to make this job easy and safe. Then clean the cooking grate with soap and water. If there are still bits of food stuck to the rungs they can be burned off with a cleansing fire or scoured off with a wire brush. Sticking to this regular maintenance is key for keeping a charcoal grill or fire pit performing its best.

      It is also a good idea to deep clean your outdoor grills and fire pits at least once a year to remove carbon buildup, and stains, and protect the grates, hinges, and handle from rusting.

      Choosing the Best Outdoor Park Grills

      Park Tables offers a wide selection of outdoor grills and firepits. From standard box charcoal grills with galvanized pedestal bases to ADA compliant types with swivel cooking grates. How do you choose the outdoor cooking apparatus that's right for your park, sporting arena, outdoor school, or campground? We have you covered with a simple breakdown of our offerings below. If you need more assistance though we have a knowledgeable staff happy to guide you. Just call our offices today. We'll even give you a free quote!

      • Pedestal Style Charcoal Grills

        Classic and dependable, pedestal-style park grills are commonly used at RV sites, picnic areas, and local and state parks. Usually outfitted with an adjustable cooking grate and a vented tinder box that burns charcoal or wood chips. Our ADA-complaint offering features a swivel cooking surface. Most pedestal style charcoal grills are designed with anti-theft and vandalism systems in mind from powder coated boxes to fully encased cooking grates.

      • Party Sized Charcoal Grills

        These large group grills are designed with ample cooktops for all manner of barbecue. Multiple cooking grates allow meats to cook on one side without disturbing the veggies or fruits on the other. These charcoal grills are great for recreational centers, large picnic spaces, and mess halls of campgrounds and outdoor schools where large groups gather for mealtime. Like the pedestal charcoal grills, these large group charcoal grills can also burn wood chips.

      • Fire Pits or Fire rings

        Popular for campsites in state and national parks all across the US. What sets a firepit apart from a charcoal grill is fire pits are used for a multitude of purposes other than cooking. They are used as a heat source, a beacon of ambient light for a campsite, and a hot spot for just plain social gatherings. People love a good warm fire, especially when the night is chilly. All of our fire pits feature a cooking grate for easy outdoor cooking. Our grates have highly resistant handles to flip easily and make restocking or adjusting the fire simple. Our wheelchair accessible fire rings meet ADA requirements and are used at local, state, or national parks for fire safety. We even offer some fire rings with tilt back mounting options for easy cleaning of the fire pit interior. 

      • Grill Accessories

        Accessories provide functional conveniences such as additional work surfaces. An attachable utility shelf is perfect for setting plates or utensils while a mounted hot plate will protect a wooden picnic table from burns and scorches. Add casters to your pedestal grill and it becomes easily portable. A good idea for summer camps and outdoor schools with large recreational pavilions. Always dispose of used charcoal, spent wood chips, and ash properly with a special waste receptacle. Our assortments of ash specific collectors help campers to dispose of their hot coal and hot ash properly and safely. Protect cooking grates from bad weather, snow, and falling leaves during the off-season with a vinyl grill cover. Everything you'll need to complete your outdoor BBQ can be found here.

      • Quick Ship Charcoal Grills

        Get the outdoor cooking started right away with our quick ship grills that ship out within a week! Please note our quick ship park grills have limited options to make manufacturing quick and shipping faster.

      Update any campground, recreational site, or picnic area by ordering one of our commercial grade charcoal grills, firepits, and campfire rings. The best decision you can make to enjoy outdoor BBQ, dark chilly nights, and roasting marshmallows. 

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