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Shop concrete park benches from Park Tables! Our concrete benches are long-lasting and hardier than any other park or garden bench. These concrete benches come in a range of natural tones, textures, and designs that will complement any parks, cityscapes, shopping centers, or office complexes. The beautiful hues come in smooth or textured surfaces with large aggregates like small rocks embedded in the cast stone material. This makes every bench unique and engrained with natural elements. When it comes to park benches, concrete benches require minimal to no maintenance and are weather resistant as well as theft proof. Once our stone heavy benches are set, they become a permanent fixture in the landscape. Additionally, Concrete can be quickly cleaned of vandalism such as graffiti ensuring it will go back to its beautiful original appearance with ease. Concrete park benches make great custom memorial benches due to their longevity and easy maintenance. Our shipping rates are the best in the industry with both East and West Coast distribution. We include lift gate services for benches six feet or less to make your concrete bench delivery easy, so order your concrete benches from Park Tables today!

The Ultimate Commercial Outdoor Bench Solution

Concrete has been around for ages because it is functional and durable to the point it will last a lifetime and then some. Made with simple ingredients (Water, cement, and aggregate) to form a liquid stone material that is then cast into beautiful benches for parks and cities. Park Tables offers a wide range of bench designs from minimalist to traditional to mixed elements. We have recycled plastic lumber tops designed to look like wood slats which provide a natural look to a space. Our powder-coated metal seating fixed into precast concrete is great for that popular urban industrial look. This garden bench is perfect for urban spaces like shopping malls, town centers, office complexes, and courtyards. Available in an assortment of attractive bench styles such are our contoured benches, minimalist flat benches our mixed material concrete benches. Our quick-ship products will ensure your location will be seating happy patrons as soon as possible. Shop at Park Tables to get the variety you want for your space! 

Concrete is a great anti-theft material as it is so heavy that it takes a team to move. Anchoring is available but isn't required in most cases. The only downside is concrete benches should not be placed on soft ground unless anchored to a platform as the heavy cast stone material may sink. 

Additionally, our concrete is protected with a graffiti-resistant coating to prevent harmful or distasteful vandalism from ruining your bench or outdoor space. Marks or tags will wash away with good pressure washing and it will return to its original appearance, good as new.

Best of all, concrete is recyclable as it can be crushed into cement which is then used to make more concrete. It can also be reused in other ways in construction to reduce the amount of manmade stone in the landfill. Although stone benches are built tough and designed to last years if not decades so replacing them won't be a consideration for a long time. They are weather resistant and maintain their original appearance a lot longer than other benches made from inferior materials like untreated wood benches or exposed metal benches. 

Why Concrete Benches Are The Perfect Choice

Concrete benches are the perfect choice for any park, garden, outdoor food court, town center, and more because concrete benches are versatile in look and style. Concrete continues to be the most popular outdoor bench for parks across the US. Not only do these benches last a long time and are weather resistant but they require little upkeep maintenance which is ideal for parks, campgrounds, nature trails, and public gardens where hardiness is important. Concrete benches make great memorial benches as well because as they can be easily engraved or mounted with a memorial plaque. Add contrast to lettering with an inlay color can be added to cast-in process. This ensures readability and last just as long as the concrete bench itself so keep a loved one's memory alive for decades through an outdoor bench that will be appreciated for years to come. Promote cities, schools, or businesses with an engraved logo, text, or plaque. We have several premium color stains for in-laying so show some school pride with a custom logo or manscot on all park benches around campus. All our benches are reinforce with steel rebar mixed into the cement. As the material hardens to stone the rebar provides extra support and integrity to the structure ensuring years of durability.

Order Concrete Park Benches from Park Tables

Shop with Park Tables and beautify your parks, office spaces, shopping malls, or community centers with our cast concrete benches. Don't forget to browse our quick ship products for the best shipping times! 

Park Tables has a wide array of concrete furnishings from benches to picnic tables to trash cans. We carry everything you need to outfit your outdoor recreational space!

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