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Commercial Fire Pits for Campgrounds & State Parks

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Keep the fire contained with a stainless steel campfire ring. Park Tables offers inground and surface mount fire pit styles which are a staple among state and national parks as well as campgrounds and RV parks across the USA. We offer campfire rings standard ring size, single level cooking grate, multi-level cooking grate, wheelchair access, ADA compliant, adjustable fire ring, and more with custom sized campfire rings available upon request. The fire pit is made with heavy gauge rolled steel for the stainless steel campfire ring and a flip cooking grate which is coated in a black enamel finish that is safe for outdoor cooking. Tilt back mounting is available in select styles allowing the adjustable fire ring to be easy to clean and clear of ash or debris. Pair a campfire ring with a picnic table and trash receptacle to complete the perfect setup for a BBQ! Call our helpful staff to discuss your needs and find the right fire pit for your location.

Fire Rings Make Campground Cooking an Enjoyable Experience

A campfire ring offers the best spot to gather together, share stories, get warm, and roast marshmallows. Our single level cooking grate flip to make building fires easy and the swivel cooking grate allows campers to manage the heat level of the flame. All grates are coated in non-toxic enamel ensuring safe cooking. Spiral rolled steel handles disperse heat away quickly allowing the grate to flip back to add fuel to the campfire ring as needed. All of our campfire rings feature an ample cooking area (minimum 300 square inches up to 720 square inches) for all the hotdogs, hamburgers, and cookware needed for a good meal with friends or family. The Ultimate fire ring offers a multi-level swivel cooking grate which is great for advanced control as needed.

Fire rings are the perfect accessory for any campground, public park, or RV resort. Who doesn't like freshly grilled meats, fruits, and veggies? No propane or heavy equipment is required! Just bring the food and cookware then get to grilling at any community venue with a fire ring. Our Firepits at Park Tables are built to last years with little upkeep as the coated finish prevents rusting and corrosion. While the tilt-back feature makes cleaning a breeze.

Picking the Best Fire Rings And Fire Pit Types For Your Location

Park Tables offers Tilt back or spade anchoring for most of our campfire ring products. Tilt back campfire rings are common for areas that rely on campers to clean out the fire pit as the adjustable fire ring can flip backward. Whereas spade anchored campfire rings are popular in public campgrounds that have regular maintenance by staff. Spade anchoring is permanent and theft-proof. Additionally, Park Tables has an ADA compliant campfire ring that is popular for outdoor resorts and wheelchair friendly cabins.

Tilt Back Mounted Fire Rings 

An simple way to make post-fire cleanup easy. The adjustable fire ring is mounting inground on one side allowing the other side to tilt up. This allows ash piles, old logs, and debris to be quickly swept out of the fire ring. Great for secluded campsites and permanent resident RV parks. Note: must have fire ring set down when in use to properly contain the fire.

Spade Anchor Mounted Campfire Ring 

This fire pit features spades that bury into the ground creating a secure circle to keep the fire contained. As a permanent fixture, these campfire rings are less likely to be vandalized or moved. Spade mounted campfire rings do make cleaning more difficult but not impossible. Consider adding an ash receptacle close by for easier cleanup.

ADA Compliant Campfire Ring 

An ADA campfire ring offers taller rolled steel walls and a cooking grill that is higher to be more accessible by wheelchair. Some even feature a swivel cooking grate for easier mobility. ADA fire rings are a great choice for wheelchair-friendly outdoor spaces and picnic areas. The tall stainless steel ring is enamel coated to protect against high heat and reduce the risk of burns.


A campfire pit collects a lot of ash, especially in the busy season. Place ash and charcoal receptacles close to camp to keep firepits from building up too much ash debris. Too much debris in the stainless steel campfire ring can hinder the ability to keep the fire contained. Consider adding a hotplate to fire pit orders to protect wooden picnic tables from burns and recycled lumber from melting.

Campfire rings are popular among all campgrounds, state and local parks, and camp resorts. Buy Commercial-Grade Fire Rings And Fire Pits From Park Tables Today!

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