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Commercial Outdoor Planters for Parks Cities

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Commercial Planters provide many benefits to a business both for indoor and outdoor use. Flowers and plants add natural elements to any property creating inviting, pleasant spaces customers will enjoy visiting. Business venues such as shopping malls, town squares, and hotels feature commercial outdoor planters around the entrances to add color and ambiance. Planters can be positioned to bring order and safety to high traffic areas in an unsuspecting fashion. Park Tables’ planters are made of high quality materials including industrial-grade concrete or heavy-duty plastics that will last for years in parks and city environments. Pick from numerous planter shapes, styles, sizes, and finishes that complement any business venue. Plants and flowers are not included with the planters. It is recommended to display potted plants so professional landscapers can easily arrange, change, and maintain the desired foliage. Call our offices if you need further assistance with planters or advice on what planter will best suit your business!

Commercial Planters Can Enhance Site Appearance And Also Control Traffic

Commercial outdoor planters have many benefits when it comes to enhancing a site's appearance while also being a means of safety for crowd and traffic control. A beautiful planter display creates an atmosphere for any hospitality business. People will be more at ease with the natural decor, just by placing several planters on the outdoor patio. Planters are used in both indoor and outdoor applications to accentuate the space with a welcoming presentation. Planters can showcase plants and flowers at an elevated level on tile, cement, or wood surfaces. It's no surprise why many landscape architects include custom planters on their site plans to liven up a business proposal.

Large commercial planters made from concrete can be used in place of bollards to protect the pedestrian population. The hefty material of a large concrete planter prevents cars from entering into walkers-only zones, keeping guests safe in these vehicle-restricted areas. Commercial outdoor planters can also be used as a walkway divider to promote crowd control for a business such as a mall or convention center.

Our Modern Commercial Planters are Built To Withstand The Test Of Time

In addition to the many benefits, planters are built to last by using the best material in the business. These planters are made from reinforced concrete, recycled plastic lumber, powder-coated steel, rotoform polymer, or commercial-grade polyethylene making them extremely durable.

• Rotoform Planter or Polyethylene Planter - A planter molded from industrial plastic material is formed in smooth unique shapes in UV-resistant colors.

• Recycled Plastic Planter - The recycled plastic material used takes on a wood-like appearance while never sacrificing the longevity of the planter.

• Concrete Planter - A planter made from concrete can weigh well over 300 lbs. and supports foliage including flowers, scrubs, bushes, and small trees.

Since the planter is going to last a long time, you want to make sure to choose the best option for the business. There are many styles of planters to fit any business space.

Square Planter - Square planters come in modest sizes and can be placed in any outdoor space including walkways, restaurant dining areas, or on the back patio. A square planter can be set in corners, filling the void spaces of a business with an elegant display.

Round Planter - A business will use a round planter to display an inspiring arrangement seen from every angle. Round planters are made in a range of heights and diameters to fill the desired space with natural beauty. Customers will get a pleasant 360 welcome as they walk around a round planter.

Decorative Planter - Modern planters leave a professional appearance to any business. A decorative planter made from powder-coated steel material features stylish design cuts. Perfect for a sophisticated business such as a law firm, resort, or office building. These designer planters can lighten up the room and imply the business cares about its appearance and customers' needs.

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