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ADA Compliant vs. Wheelchair Accessible

ADA Compliant Vs Wheelchair Accessible:

A Guide for ADA Picnic Table Plans



When purchasing a picnic table, knowing the difference between wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant is a key component to making the correct choice. Many schools, restaurants, and other businesses are required to meet standards set by the American’s with Disabilities Act. Our picnic tables are made to last, so picking the right table is a crucial step in completing your project plans.


What is the difference between ADA Compliant and Wheelchair Accessible?


Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables


Two and Three Seat Picnic Tables: A common mistake is to consider a picnic table ADA compliant if it only has three seats. While a wheelchair can technically pull up to a picnic table with two or three seats, that doesn’t mean that the table is ADA compliant or that the person is comfortable. Some of our wheelchair accessible picnic tables can be found in the following categories: Round Picnic Tables, Square Picnic Tables, Octagonal Picnic Tables, Rectangular Picnic Tables, and Oval Picnic Tables.

ADA Compliant Picnic Tables



Park Tables offers a wide selection of ADA compliant handicap accessible picnic tables in a variety of materials and size options. These ADA compliant picnic tables meet the requirements defined by the Americans with Disability Act and are designed for handicap access in parks, businesses and schools. ADA compliant picnic tables have an extended top to give enough room for wheelchair access. Some of our ADA compliant picnic tables can be found in our ADA Handicap Picnic Tables category. The American’s with Disabilities Act provides the following specifications for a picnic table to be ADA compliant.



ADA Guidelines for Picnic Tables

Knee Clearance 27” high by 30” wide and 19” deep.
Table Height 34” maximum; 28” minimum.
Toe Clearance Minimum: 9” high, 30” wide and 17” in depth.

Floor and ground spaces shall be stable, firm, and slip resistant.

Find more information from the official website.




In addition to ensuring your picnic table is ADA compliant and handicap accessible, ensure you are also meeting all other guidelines set by the American's with Disabilities act. Below you will find a table with some considerations for your project plans. Check the official website for the most recent information that applies to your location. If you have any further questions about ADA guidelines, call our friendly staff at 1-866-330-2388.



Technical Provisions for Accessible Picnic Tables

Consider the following technical provisions for accessible picnic tables.

• Number of Accessible Tables
• Dispersion of Accessible Tables
• Wheelchair Seating Spaces
• Clear Ground Space (Firmness and stability)
• Connection to Outdoor Recreation Access Route (ORAR)