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    Buddy Benches: Build Friendship and Foster Interaction at Schools

    Buddy benches are a great way to foster more positive interactions at schools. And with research indicating a growing issue of loneliness and isolation in children, these benches do more than look cute on playgrounds. They're a simple, practical tool in the fight against issues as big as child loneliness, social anxieties, or environmental changes like school transfers.

    Buddy Bench for Schools

    What Are Buddy Benches?

    What are Buddy Benches

    Buddy benches for schools are outdoor seating furniture designed with a specific intent. These playground benches are designed and manufactured the same as any other seating you might place in a school environment. However, buddy benches encourage kids to reach out, interact, and support their fellow peers by giving them common ground. They're typically marked with fun designs and lettering that identify them as friendship benches, so kids will find them more inviting. 


    Why Are These Benches Necessary?

    Why are Buddy Benches Necessary

    Almost half of all Americans report feeling left out or lonely at some point in time. And younger generations seem to experience this issue at the highest rates, especially in school. Modern society where technology and the busy pace of life takes up so much time, children may not know how to approach each other to offer support or get involved with new friends to ease loneliness. These special benches for schools offer a nonverbal, simple way to communicate what otherwise seem like daunting social transactions.


    How Do Buddy Benches Work?

    Why are Buddy Benches Necessary

    Anytime a child is feeling lonely or out of place, he or she can sit on the Buddy Bench. That simple action signifies to others on the playground that the student is looking for a friend. Other children can then join their classmate on the bench and start talking to one another about anything, even about the buddy bench itself. This can ultimately lead to students joining in on a game or common interests, which fosters inclusion and helps everyone build their circle of friends. It's a great way to break the ice, tear down isolation walls, and start bridging friendships.

    If you would like to provide your school with your own Buddy Benches to help students feel welcome and included amongst their peers, contact Park Tables for a fast quote. You could pick from any of our default designs or we can customize your own image. Call 1-866-330-2388 for more details and to take the first step to prevent loneliness on the school campus!

    Buddy Bench for Schools


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