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    Curing Your New Commercial Park Grill

    How to cure a new commercial galvanized park grillAt Park Tables, our Commercial Grade Park BBQ Grills are made to last! Most of our grills will rarely need replacing and will serve thousands of families and friends over its long life. An important first step to ensure this longevity is to prepare the park grill in a process often called “curing”.  Before taking out the hot dogs and hamburgers, the grill needs to go through this curing process to prevent any manufactured materials from contaminating your food. By following these simple steps, you will successfully break-in your new grill for many safe and tasty future barbecues!

    The following are examples of commercial grills that need to be cured before use: Pedestal Park Barbecue Grills, Covered Park BBQGroup Park Barbecue Grills.

          Step 1: Create the First Fire – This should be done in an open-air area. The heat of the fire allows any excess coating to be burned off, resulting in a safe cooking area. DO NOT COOK at this time.

    Some recommend “seasoning” the grill by lightly coating the grates with a high heat cooking oil, but it is not required during this curing process.

    Step 1 Curing a New Galvanized Grill

          Step 2: Allow the First Fire to Burn Out – Make sure you wait until the coals and ash completely cool before taking the next step for safety.

    Step 2 Curing a New Galvanized Grill

          Step 3: Clean Out All Debris –  Remove the bulk of the cooled ash and coal, disposing of it in a proper container or receptacle.Step 3 Curing a Commercial Galvanized Park Grill


          Step 4: Use a Wire Brush on the Fire Box and Grate– This removes excess particles that could build up and prevent water from draining properly, resulting in premature rusting of the grill. A crumpled ball of aluminum foil can also be used instead of a wired brush. 

    Step 4 Curing a new commercial galvanized park grill

          Step 5: Ready to Go! – Proceeding the first burn and cleaning, your grill is now cured and ready to safely cook food.

    Step 5 curing your new commercial park grill      Perform occasionally checks on your grill for flaking or loose debris, repeating step 4 when necessary.

    Park Tables values your feedback and is happy to assist you in any way with your commercial outdoor grill. Please leave your comments or questions in the box below or gives us a call at 1-866-330-2388.


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