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    Outdoor Furniture and Amenities To Consider When Developing a Park

    Park Tables has many site amenities that are essential to opening a park. If you are in charge of ordering furniture for a park, you probably have guidelines on what you can order for the project. We have some suggestions for creating a park that will be successful and enjoyable for visitors.

    ADA Compliant Outdoor Furniture
    Many cities require businesses to be ADA compliant for handicap accessibility – why should a public park be any different? We offer a variety ofpicnic tables,benches,trash cans, andgrillsthat are ADA compliant and easy for everyone to use. See our article on ADA Compliant vs. Wheelchair Accessible!

    If you have grills at your public park, people will attend! Having a grill in your park gives people a reason to have group gatherings, family events, and company cook outs at your park. We offer a variety of BBQ grills that use wood or charcoal, such as group grills, pedestal grills, and fire rings.

    Trash Cans and Recycling Bins
    One of the most important things you have to do for your park is to keep it clean. Not only should you provide atrash can for garbage, but there should berecycling centersat your park to promote the environment.

    Shade Structures / Pavilions
    Placing a sheltered area by park BBQ grills provides a safe, dry, and clean place for people to eat at a cook out. Park Tables offers a variety of Shade Structures and Pavilions for these types of applications.

    Picnic Tables
    Picnic Tables are a must have at a park. A picnic table gives everyone a place to sit, eat, and gather around the table. Park Tables offers a variety of picnic tables such as round, square, rectangular picnic tables in many sizes and color options.

    Benches are another must have for parks. Benches can be used along walkways for tired runners or by water for people to relax. Park Tables offers a variety of benches such as thermoplastic coated steel benches and recycled plastic benches.

    Dog Parks
    Dog parks are becoming increasing popular as people are trying to find a way to keep themselves and their pets healthy. Park Tables offers a variety of dog park amenities such as Dogipot Pet Stations and custom Dog Park Logo benches and trash cans.

    Fitness and Sporting Areas
    Today people are trying to keep themselves healthy. Many people enjoy running and exercising at parks. Offer a scenic walking trail with benches for rest and trash cans to keep it clean!

    Relaxation Areas
    Many people attend parks to relax. While it is important to have an area for grilling, playing, and exercising, it is also important to have quite areas for people to relax, read, or have a conversation. We suggest having a peaceful area with benches.

    With all of the above amenities and a playground – everyone is happy. At a family gathering, the adults can BBQ while the children play. Park Tables offers playground amenities upon request, please call 1-866-330-2388 for more information.

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