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Park Amenities You Didn't Know You Needed!

Park Amenities You Didn't Know You Needed!

We all know about the standard furniture typically installed at your local park. Picnic tables, benches, trash cans, grills, bike racks, playgrounds, drinking fountains, and sometimes shade structures are commonly placed for park visitors to use for prolonged, comfortable stays. But did you know there are other site furnishings that add more convenience and functionality? Below is a list of park amenities you didn’t know you needed:


Commercial Bat House

Bat Houses

Bats are nature’s nighttime exterminators. One bat can gobble up to 3,000 mosquitoes, moths, and beetles in a single night! This is a welcomed addition to forest and agriculture ecosystems where flying insects spawn out of control. However, bats can become pests themselves if they struggle to find sleeping arrangements during the day. Bats will roast in peoples’ attics, restaurants, churches, schools, or any tall building with a solid roof and a small area to squeeze into. This is problematic when you think of the harmful bat waste and noise these little scamps produce. That is why the introduction of bat houses is so important. One bat box can house up to 200 bats depending on the species. Once a colony takes up residence they will return year after year to the same location, leaving human homes alone for the more favorable accommodations made for them. Bats love options, so try to have at least three bat houses spaced within several feet of each other so these critters can determine the best spot when temperatures are too hot or cool. Bat houses are low maintenance and only need to be cleaned once in the winter when they become vacant. In addition to pest control, bat houses are an absolute asset for nature preserves or parks that focus on educating the public about wildlife. Bats are often misunderstood and with a little help and exposure, positive light can be shed on this nocturnal creature. 


Park Message Boards

Park Message Boards are a great way to display information about the parks’ rules, maps, general information, and events to the visiting public. The waterproof casing allows park rangers to relay information while protecting the paper announcements from outdoor elements. The ability to easily change out flyers is another advantage when updating events listing at the park. Social Media is the most popular broadcasting method when informing citizens of the latest occasions in their local area, but pages can sometimes be hard to find and others may not have an account to see these posts. Message boards are just another way to spread the word by putting it in the public eye! Park Informational Message Boards


You may have seen an impulsive person wrongfully drive their cars into the park over walkways, bridges, or other restricted areas to better tote belonging to their favorite spot. Not only is this rude and harmful to the grounds, but it's downright dangerous to the other occupancies of the park. In cases where this scenario becomes all too common, bollards can be installed to deter such actions. Unlike gates or fencing, park bollards are a permanent means of crowd control while still keeping the area openly accessible for people on foot. They also can come in fun shapes and different sizes such as basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, and tennis balls, masking them more as landmarks than actual safety features. Commercial Park Bollard


Speaking of crowd control, nothing does a more beautiful job than planters. Like bollards, planters can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. However, planters showcase a more natural display by housing a specific plant or arrangement to create an inviting scene. Planters can be placed on top walkways made from pavement or stone without damaging the path structures. Being freestanding, planters don’t call for broken ground or installation. Gardens and memorial parks really benefit from the natural atmosphere these commercial flower pots provide.Commercial Park Planters

Park Games

Parks are notorious for hosting outdoor social gatherings, friendly meetups, and birthday parties. It makes sense to have a wide range of interests for all ages and physiques to enjoy, more so than the typical sports and playground activities. Commercial park games are beginning to make their debut by bringing common fun backyard and household games to public parks. Many create one-on-one competitions that can easily turn into tournaments against other park guests. For more information on the available game options, please visit Bring People Together with a Variety of Park Amenity Games.Commercial Park Games

Commercial Pet Waste Stations

Pet Waste Stations

Pet waste stations have become increasingly popular over the years, but it is surprising how many parks still don’t have them. People love their dogs and take them everywhere they go. But owners may not always be prepared for when their pooch goes number 2. Without any supplies to handle the situation, pet parents will abandon ship leaving a smelly mess for potentially someone else to step into. Pet waste stations don’t just give you a safe place to discard the poo, but the means to do it with a plastic baggie from a dispenser. This gives pet owners everything they need to clean up their dog’s defecation, leaving a safe, clean park for all to enjoy!


That is our list of park amenities you didn’t know you needed! Do you think any of these commercial outdoor furnishings would benefit your local park? Are there any amenities that you feel need to be on our list? Let us know in the comments below! For more information about these or other products call 1-866-330-2388 to speak with a Park Tables expert!



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