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    Thermoplastic Vs. Plastisol

    Thermoplastic and plastisol are two types of plastic coated steel outdoor furniture that creates the standard for commercial quality. Thermoplastic and plastisol site amenities include picnic tables, benches, and trash cans. Thermoplastic site amenities are popular as they are commercial quality built to last.

    Thermoplastic Coating

    Thermoplastic outdoor furniture is placed in a liquidized vat where the product is heated, dipped, and baked. The textured matte thermoplastic coating hides scratches and marks by providing a clean and smooth appearance. Unlike plastisol, textured thermoplastic leaves no drips on the product. Thermoplastic is the preferred coating of choice for many customers in schools, restaurants, parks, and many more venues.

    Plastisol Coated Metal

    Plastisol is the traditional coating that is liquid PVC. The product is dipped in plastisol and baked, creating a hardened surface. Plastisol has a glossy appearance with UV protection. Plastisol products have a clean top, however underneath you may see drip marks.


    vs. Plastisol

     Hard to the touch

     Soft to the touch

     1/8” coating thickness

     1/4” coating thickness

     UV inhibitor in coating

     UV inhibitor in coating

     Anti-fungal properties

     Anti-fungal properties

     Textured matte finish

     High gloss finish

     Easily repaired

     High effort for repair

     Coating applicable for indoor/outdoor settings

     Coating applicable for indoor/outdoor settings

     No visible drip marks

     Visible drip marks



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