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Let’s Talk Trash…Receptacles!

Let’s Talk Trash…Receptacles!

We all want our communities, parks, and other outdoor spaces to be clean, natural surroundings that welcome visitors and encourage them to stay. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with trash receptacles. Of course, they serve the important purpose of collecting trash, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be appealing and coordinate with your outdoor space. 


Getting the most out of your trash cans

While containing waste is the main intention of trash receptacles, they do provide additional benefits when implemented properly. First, clearly marked and visible trash containers encourage people to use them. The more people utilize them, the less litter is likely to end up on the ground. Second, trash receptacles promote environmental responsibility, so even those who normally don’t care if they litter will be more apt to place their trash in the receptacle if it is conveniently located and easy to see. 

Commercial Trash Receptacles Recycleing Centers

To encourage visitors to use your trash containers, it’s important to place them in multiple areas where people have easy access to them. Position them where sidewalks meet, near picnic tables and park benches, as well as at entrance and exit points. In highly populated areas, like amusement parks and schools, place trash receptacles no more than 30 feet apart. The goal is to make them so easily accessible that wherever people are they will see a receptacle close by, leaving them no excuse to throw their trash away properly.

Commercial Dog Waste Trash Cans

Food and drink containers are typical types of garbage to go into your receptacles. But don’t forget the other kind of trash prevalent in communities and parks: pet waste. According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 69% of US households own a dog. When owners take their dogs for a walk, their pets inevitably relieve themselves along the way. There’s nothing worse than walking and seeing (or, even stepping onto) dog waste on the ground. The best way to prevent this is by installing pet waste stations with supplies for owners to pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste.

At Park Tables, we may be known for our picnic tables, benches, and bleachers, but we also offer a wide selection of commercial trash receptacles with experienced Park Table consultants to help you determine the best receptacles and the quantity you need for your specific space. To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our trash can products, here are just a few different options to choose from, but we encourage you to shop our site and speak to one of our product experts before you place your order.


Trash containers for every space, purpose, and style

Trash cans have definitely evolved over the years and new designs and materials have been developed to bring more appealing flair to these otherwise utilitarian products.

jumbo 60-gallon recycled plastic trash can with an ashtray topRecycled plastic trash cans are the toughest disposal containers available for commercial use. These receptacles may have a higher price point, but they save our customers money over time because they don’t require maintenance and last for years – even in the outdoors. Recycled plastic trash cans like our 32-gallon circular trash receptacle resemble natural wood, yet never need to be refinished, stained, or painted over their lifetime. It also comes with a surface-mountable pedestal stand which raises the container off the ground. For bigger outdoor spaces, we have a jumbo 60-gallon recycled plastic trash can with an ashtray top. This heavy-duty receptacle has a stainless steel hinged door for easy removal of the molded garbage liner. Even though this trash can is built for high-capacity loads, it is portable so you can move it based on your needs.

If you prefer a more natural look to complement your outdoor space, consider our natural wood-trimmed trash receptacle that holds 32 gallons of trash. With a choice of yellow pine, white oak, or mahogany slats, these products look great in parks, gardens, and along hiking trails. Both in-ground and surface mounting is available for these portable containers.

Our steel-reinforced concrete trash cans are a vandal-resistant option weighing anywhere from 175 to nearly 650 pounds. Despite their concrete material, these rugged trash cans come in a variety of earth-tone colors and textures to blend naturally into your outdoor environment. We offer different styles including two-way dome-topped concrete trash cans, receptacles with aluminum pitch-in tops, and trash cans with push-door lids that feature top tray holders. All our concrete trash cans ship with liftgate service included in the shipping price, making delivery convenient and inexpensive.

Commercial Trash Cans

Add a little color to your outdoor space with our plastic-coated metal trash cans. Available in an array of vibrant colors with a smooth and shiny finish, these thermoplastic containers are big sellers for high-traffic areas because they stand up to extreme outdoor elements. We offer several designs – from our attractive 40-gallon sawgrass receptacle with dome top to our plastic-coated steel ring-style trash can with ash top – so you’re sure to find the perfect look and color for your outdoor area.

Looking for a more economical option? With our plastic trash containers, you’ll save money without sacrificing quality. These multipurpose trash cans are designed to collect all types of waste, including recycled paper, aluminum, and plastic. Our Signature 42-gallon trash can has a unique bug barrier lid with an optional pedestal and comes in 13 different colors. For a more unique look, try our smaller 15-gallon polyethylene trash can that features a faux wood-grain finish and patented Grab Bag™ system for quick and easy waste disposal. 

jumbo 60-gallon recycled plastic trash can with an ashtray top

Last but not least, don’t forget those pet waste receptacles! They’re a must for any pet-friendly outdoor space. From our all-in-one pet station to our eco-friendly Dogipot trash can, we help you make it easy for pet owners to properly dispose of their pets’ waste. 

Whether you manage a large park, a small HOA community, or school grounds, be sure you have the right types of receptacles – and the right number of them – on hand for your specific space. Give Park Tables a call at 1-866-330-2388 to speak with one of our commercial outdoor experts; they’ll help you find just what you need, determine how much you need, and stay within your budget!

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